Nutrition & Hydration For Riding

Welcome to this week's edition of the South Bay Cycle blog. Today we're going to talk about proper nutrition and hydration for riding your bike! 

How should I eat or drink for riding?  

This fundamental question carries a lot of weight.  

If your ride is shorter than 90 minutes AND not intense, just make sure you're hydrated.  

If you're going fast with friends, or going for a ride longer than 90 minutes, make sure you eat before, during, and immediately after. Using electrolyte mix is a helpful way to make sure the water you drink goes to good use and tastes good too!  

Eat before you're hungry and drink before you're thirsty. Finishing one snack every 30 minutes and one bottle per hour (with a drink-mix in it or not) is a good rule of thumb. If it's hot you'll need more fluids, and if it's cold you'll potentially need more food.  

The goal is to eat before and during when your body is burning at its hottest. While not eating might put you in a calorie deficit if you're trying to lose weight, it could also make you prone to eating more than you would otherwise need to if you don't immediately refuel properly! Always better to snack throughout the day between normal meals if you're looking to gain fitness!  

Our favorites for drink mix are:  

  • Scratch labs for the most tasty and organic option  
  • Untapped for a nor'easter feel with very few ingredients 
  • A splash of lemonade or Gatorade goes a long way and is a cheap option with great flavor!  

Our favorites for food are:  

  • Scratch labs for something nice to chew on, whether it's a gummy or a bar 
  • Untapped for the easiest to consume calories (syrup!) 
  • Gummy bears or Swedish fish are a great option, as long as you're ok with gummies stuck in your teeth!  


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