Helmet Fit

Welcome to this week's edition of the South Bay Cycle blog. Today we're going to talk about proper helmet fit! Let's get that noggin' properly protected! Anyway, enjoy this week's blog!

Simple rule of thumb: it should feel right.  

Very easy to do when you're in-store, but hard when you're at home.  

We use the two-finger rule here.  

  • There should be no more than two fingers of space above your eyebrows and below the bottom of the helmet when it's sitting on your head.  
  • The straps should make a "Y" shape under your ears when the buckle is clasped.  
  • There should be no more than two fingers of space between the chin strap and your chin when your mouth is slightly open (enough to breathe, but not enough to take a bite of a sandwich).  

Other than that a few pointers:  

  • If there are places you feel when you try it on the first time, they'll be there in 6 months. Best to get the helmet that fits right the first time.  
  • Just because a previous model worked well for you doesn't mean the new one will too. They change from time to time so always best to try on a new one.  
  • Replace them every two years. It's your head, you only get one, better safe than sorry!  



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