Group Ride Etiquette!

Welcome to this week's edition of the South Bay Cycle blog. Today we're going to talk about proper Group Ride Etiquette! Let's get you prepared for any type of ride! Learn the signals and enjoy this week's blog!

Going on a road bike (or any kind of bike) group ride can be intimidating!  

Here are your 9 tips for looking like a pro 


  1. "On your left"  
    1. Used when passing someone  
  2. "Right side"  
    1. Used to identify a door or person on the right (or left) side 
  3. "Skinny up"  
    1. Used to tell everyone to get single file to let a car pass or navigate a technical piece of road 
  4. "Rider / Car up"  
    1. Used to signal a rider or car ahead to watch out for 

Hand / Arm Gestures 

  1. Shake of the elbow 
    1. Used when you are on the front of the pack when you want to pull off and joint he pack. Typically you shake an elbow and move to the right to let people pass on the left. 
  2. Hand sticking out to right or left 
    1. Used to signal direction you're turning  
  3. Shake of the hand with palm facing down  
    1. Used to indicate rough road or debris ahead 
  4. Slapping your thigh/hip 
    1. Used to get the rider's attention behind you to signal a turn or rough road  
  5. Arm down with palm facing back, arm up with hand in fist 
    1. Used to indicate slowing down for a stop light

Click here for our video on Instagram showcasing proper group ride etiquette hand gestures!

Examples of Gestures while riding! 

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